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 The Chain of Command

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PostSubject: The Chain of Command   Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:08 pm

The Chain of Command

- Leaders
They are the members that are more involved with the guild's events related plans. Thus they are the first person that you should contact when you have suggestions or ideas about how to improve or fix some of the issues that occur during the guild events.
! They will not provide a direct answer, their role is to filter all the suggestions and present them during the officer meetings, once the meetings are over each member that contributed with information will receive an in-game mail with the status and resolution of their concern.

- Officers
They are the members that are highly involved with the guild management, they are concerned with the well-being of the guild. Thus we encourage you to only bring up issues of a higher magnitude with them regarding the guild events.
They are in charge of recruiting new members (mostly focusing in inviting players that are orientated to raiding), if by any chance you have friends that are playing and that would like to join you can always recommend them to the officers (after a short discussion they will evaluate and decide a suitable rank for the new member, be it raider or social so you can be in the same guild).
On the other hand all issues that involve the guild regulations being broken are their responsibility and do poses both the ability for decision making and the right to take actions regarding any and all issues of this type.
The last but not least thing to mention is the fact that they are responsible for filtering the member’s activity. Thus they are the ones who propose members for promotions and different other roles that give both privileges and responsibility to the members.

- Guild Master
Is responsible for all of the decisions that are made to modify the current rules, events and way things are handled for the greater good and interest of the guild, by analyzing and stripping all issues and ideas down to pros and cons followed by the actual decision proposition for a vote (GM 40%, Officers 50%, Leaders 10% of the votes).
We encourage you to only take up issues that are of the highest importance only in the situation that you are not satisfied with the decisions/way that the leaders or officers made while handling your concerns.
He is also in charge of recruiting new members (mainly focusing in inviting players that are orientated to raiding and that would be a good addition to the core group of the guild), if by any chance you have friends fit this profile do not hesitate to let him know about it (he will discuss the guild plans with the recommended player and will decide a suitable rank for the new member, be it core raider or trial raider).
Is also handling member activity filtering for promotions and other roles.
Is the only member of the guild that can propose an officer promotion (after a series of steps).
Handles all 3rd party elements of the guild (team speak server, forum, event calendar, guild founds, etc.).
! All this might seem a bit exaggerated or might give you the strange idea that we are to strict and not in this game to have fun but to act like your boss, that is not the case but if you recall the beginning of this topic we are a group that is based on mutual respect so for as long as you respect the rest of the members, the rules and the guild you will be treated as our equal and as our friend, maintaining that relationship I up to you  king .
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The Chain of Command
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