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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Mon Jan 25, 2016 1:47 pm

Guild Rules

This guild is based on mutual respect and a friendly atmosphere and it goes without saying that we want to keep it that way.
- No arguing
- No cursing
- No calling anyone names (unless it’s in a friendly/humorous manner)
! Any Problems that occur need to be “extinguished” as soon as possible (without giving them enough time to degenerate) and be taken up with the guild Management in the following order (Leaders > Officers > Guild Master)

Guild Events
We are focusing on creating a large number of events to both entertain and keep members active, in order for this to happen we require that everyone understands the following things:

1. Attendance
- This is a PVE guild and we are mainly looking for members that share our common goals (Raiding , Killing Bosses and Progressing) so if you want to be counted among the raiding ranks (Trial Raider,  Raider, Core Raider) you need to have a high attendance. That means being present for most if not all of the Main Raids that we are organizing.
- Once you register for an event on the calendar you are counted as a member of that group, thus not showing up puts everyone in a bad position in the last minute (before the event start). So it is your obligation to announce any modifications on your availability for the events that you register for (this can be done via in-game mail or on WhatsApp).

2. Performance
- We are looking to create a stable raiding group that raids on Heroic and Mythical difficulties so we are mostly looking for members that are receptive and adaptable to raiding (tactics, mechanics, attunement with the classes that they are playing). That means that even if we have raid leaders that are patient you will not be permitted to fail repeatedly on the same mechanic/phase/boss.
- We are not encouraging members to lower their standards/ performance due to the event type (be it an alt raid or a fun event we are still counting/expecting the same dedication from you).

3. Personal Inventory
- We require that everyone brings enough consumables to last during the extent of the events. It is not the guild’s obligation to farm consumables for you (but if you prove to be a core reliable member we will provide them to some extent).
- Remember that the favors you receive from the guild (flasks, pots, repair gold, etc.) are perks that can be taken away just as easily as they were given. DO NOT ABUSE THEM!

Remember that the guild management is made out of members who are first of all thinking of the good of the whole guild, their actions, decisions are discussed in meetings to find the best choices (they might not be fair or the ones that advantages/satisfies you the most but they are the best pick from all of the options that are available).
That is why we recommend and encourage you to come to us with any issues or propositions or ideas that you have but do not expect them to be “approved” and applied if they are not an overall improvement to what we currently have.

Social Requirements
- All members are required to present their Whatsapp id so they can be added tot the guild group. We encourage this method for better distribution of information regarding guild events or announcements.
- All members are encouraged to log on our Team Speak server while they are playing the game. It is a good opportunity to chat with your colleagues and even plan some activities or just random chat while you are doing the dailies ( which are starting to be very boring ... again  Razz  )
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Guild Rules
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